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2015 PEGASYS Interview

On August 21, 2015 I was interviewed about both my artwork and my speech synthesis endeavors for PEGASYS Presents, a program aired on PEGASYS community access TV for Tompkins County, New York. In this 28-minute interview , I talk about these two passions of mine and how they intersect. The following table describes the topics that were discussed and the approximate times at which the discussions occurred.

Topic Time
Introduction by Sue Perlgut (the interviewer) 0-2:02
About my work in text-to-speech synthesis 2:03-3:26
How I got started painting and why I chose oils 3:27-4:59
About my current speech technology company 5:00-6:21
How I got interested in text-to-speech synthesis 6:22-7:41
What my speech and art endeavors have in common 7:42-11:04
Discussion of ten of my paintings (in chronological order) 11:05-end